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What We Owe Children Contemplating a Gender Transition

How should we care for minors who worry that their gender identity doesn’t match their biological sex? The answer has become more contested than ever as the proportion of young people who identify as transgender or nonbinary increases in leaps and bounds. Read arguments and responses on this issue from experts, pediatricians and other Journal readers.

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Dubious Transgender Science | Aug. 17

The AAP has stifled debate on how best to treat youth in distress over their bodies, shut down efforts by critics to present better scientific approaches at conferences, used technicalities to suppress resolutions to bring it into line with better-informed European countries, and put its thumb on the scale at Pediatrics in favor of a shoddy but politically correct research agenda. Its preference for fashionable political positions over evidence-based medicine is a disservice to member physicians, parents and children. . . .

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