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The Alzheimer’s Cure Conundrum – WSJ

Chances are you know someone or have a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease and its slow-progressing dementia. An estimated 6.5 million Americans—and 44 million people world-wide—suffer from it. Scientists are still unsure of its causes: Amyloid protein, tau tangles, inflammation, fat protein complexes, high cholesterol and low bile acids, and even gum disease have all been conjectured. We see headlines that declare a “Cure Breakthrough” and “Reversing Dementia in Mice,” but still, if you get sick, there is no treatment. Why?

There was a glimmer of hope in June 2021, when the Food and Drug Administration approved Biogen ’s drug, Aduhelm. But studies since then have been mixed, and Medicare announced that it will only pay the $28,200 annual cost for patients enrolled in clinical trials, of which there are few. This month we learned of disappointing results from a trial in Colombia for Roche’s new amyloid-protein-targeting Alzheimer’s drug, crenezumab.

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