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Meet Natalia Zubarevich, a Russian Who Speaks Truth to Power

Grigory Potemkin built the original “Potemkin Village” to impress his former lover, Empress Catherine II. Vladimir Putin is creating a Potemkin economy to impress on the West that its sanctions are a minor irritant for Russia.

According to the Kremlin, it is the West that is suffering from the sanctions through inflation, soaring energy prices and food shortages. Meanwhile, unscathed Russian industry is purportedly replacing Western supplies, equipment, brand names and spare parts by engaging in “import substitution” and “parallel imports.” The ruble is strong, there has been no financial panic, and, by the way, the “special military operation” in Ukraine is going according to plan. To assert otherwise may earn you a prison sentence. Even the burgers at Russia’s new brand (Tasty & That’s It) are far better than the old McDonald’s on Pushkin Square.

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