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Dad’s Day Burgers from Around the World

Take your Father’s Day menu to the next level by introducing some globally inspired flavours into his favourite burger repertoire. Try these inspiring burgers (including plant-based!) to give Dad his favourite gift: food made by you!

01 Mexican Black Bean Burger Bowl—With a Kick

This versatile vegan option tastes so good, it might just become Dad’s new favourite. By roasting black beans in advance, your burgers will be infused with a ton of extra flavour and a firmness that plant-based burgers often lack. High in fibre and protein, this burger packs a nutrient-dense punch without compromising on flavour.

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02 Jamaican Jerk Pork Sliders with Grilled Pineapple and Tangy Slaw

While on your burger journey, visit Jamaica, where you’ll find the spicy jerk flavours native to this beautiful island. Maple syrup adds a unique, sticky sweetness, while fresh lime juice highlights the fresh, tangy flavours of the Caribbean. Try making your own jerk seasoning or purchase store-bought for an easy shortcut.

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03 Asian Shrimp Burger with Bean Sprout Slaw and Fresh Mango

Next stop, Asia! This shrimp burger combines classic Asian flavours with unique toppings for rich umami flavour with the saltiness of the ocean. Whether served on a bun or over rice in a more traditional Asian-style meal, try some unique miso yogurt or wasabi mayo dressing for a fabulous flavour bomb.

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04 Italian Portobello Mushroom Burger with Artichoke Tapenade

What worldwide vacation is complete without a stop in Italy? Dad won’t miss the meat in this flavourful mushroom alternative complete with Italian spices and a zesty vegetable tapenade. Portobellos have a uniquely “meaty” texture and act as a sponge to lock in loads of flavour. This meaty plant-based burger is sure to become a favourite—even with any meat-lovers in your life.


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05 Greek Turkey Burger Bites

Ever thought about making burgers as an appetizer or as a potluck meal for friends and family? Try making your favourite burger into bite-sized portions. They might be small in size, but they won’t be small in flavour. These burgers also pair well with a Greek salad for a delicious mid-week lunch or dinner.

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