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Letters, June 7: ‘NDP promising the world but we know what they actually deliver’

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Rachel Notley recently tweeted: Alberta’s NDP will take real action on climate change and in developing new energy and leading this massive shift, we will generate tens of thousands of new jobs, and generate billions upon billions in new investment opportunities. Riiiight! Hold onto your wallets, if Mayor Jyoti Gondek’s climate crisis will cost Calgarians $87 billion, how much do you think Notley’s price tag will be? Beware of these climate grifters, they’ll steal you blind!
(Green shoots and craft beer for all!)

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Prohibiting the sale of handguns in this country will have no impact on gun-related crime, a simple concept beyond the grasp of our naive and simple PM. The endless supply of illegal handguns smuggled in from the U.S. will continue unabated. And so nothing will change. Par for the course for this out-of-touch and myopic government.
(But he thinks it makes him look good.)

I, like many other readers, seem a bit concerned for Rick Bell. The guy is too good of a journalist/reporter to be stuck in this quagmire of slagging Jason Kenney. Rick is in a rare group of reporters that I go to on a daily basis, to check up on the misdeeds of our elected officials. He gets back stories that few others have the steam to pursue. If Rick has something new to add regarding Kenney, then let her buck. If not, then move on to something more important. We need reporters like Rick. Witnessing this slow motion sinking into quicksand is painful and undignified. Let it go, Rick. You’ve done your job well. Keep us informed on the next bunch of bandits supping at the public trough.
(He will. But again we must say this Kenney story is not yet over.)

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A number of weeks ago a letter was published from someone who was commenting on the disparity of prize money between the PGA and the LPGA. Your comment was along the lines of ‘Um, we’re not the golf channel.’ I would suggest that you act similarly on letters referring to NHL hockey, but if you feel the need to dribble on after the conclusion of the letter, at least refer it to one of your sports people who could provide a reasonable comment. Case in point, your comment to the woman who suggested Calgary fans revert their backing to the Oilers was juvenile and out of touch. She was correct in saying we’re all from Alberta, so why not support them. Anyone but Edmonton, really?
(Flames fans don’t cheer for the Oilers. Ever.)

It’s deeply distressing to read about a woman of 83 mauled to death by her neighbour’s three dogs. Mindful of the negligence that made it possible for such vicious brutes to roam free and attack an old lady, let’s hope that the consequences are severe for the owner, and that the three dogs are put down. This grisly death didn’t have to happen. It was preventable. If only the dogs had been securely chained.
(A truly horrific story.)

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