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Letters, June 6: ‘Kenney, Kenney, Kenney … enough already’

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Holy moly, Rick Bell! I only moved to Alberta last September and started following Bell. The daily I Hate Jason Kenney column will thankfully come to an end, but to be apparently followed by a daily I Hate Jason Kenney’s Replacement column. You could write about Calgary council, arena schmozzle, vaccine mandates, Trudeau, climate change politics, border restrictions, federal Conservative leadership, inflation, Notley, Stampede, crime … I mean … pick one! Kenney, Kenney, Kenney. What in the world will you obsess over when he is gone? Editor: sit the man down and give him some chamomile tea! I don’t even waste my time reading his articles anymore. I see a headline and know exactly whose article it is. Reminds me of Jack Nicholson in The Shining!
(But this story isn’t over yet and he has written on most of those topics.)

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Although critics continue to pile on the prime minister for extending the vaccine mandates that have brought Canadian airports to a virtual standstill, the PM is simply being pro-active. With his connections at WHO informing him that a potential monkeypox outbreak may develop, he’s decided to just leave the testing infrastructure in place until such time as it’s needed for the next pandemic. This will show his incredible foresight and that he’s actually ahead of the curve, for once. Pure genius!
(Monkey business of some kind.)

It would be wise for Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh to read and reflect upon the words of Winston Churchill, when he defined socialism as the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and best of all, the gospel of envy. Can you imagine this pair in business where “they would simply tax themselves into poverty.” A successful state is not built upon taxing its citizens to death.
(It seems to be a pattern of behaviour.)

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I can’t understand why condos and offices, etc., all have security codes to get into the building. Many have security just inside the front door. But schools are wide open for whoever wants to go in. Aren’t our children more important? Why not lock all schools when school starts and have a security person have control over who enters the school. Or another way would have a scanner everyone must go through. I find it difficult that something hasn’t been done years ago.
(Makes sense but madmen will find a way.)

The six-weeks long Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard defamation trial evidently satisfied the prurience of the masses, but without offering them any enlargement of their moral resources. It was like a reality TV show, with decadence galore. In a few years, when Hollywood decides to make it into a movie, Johnny Depp will likely be asked to star, playing himself. What could be more fitting?
(Why not, he already plays himself in every movie he makes.)

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